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Our most compact terrarium.

Get creative

Sanctuary's design makes it easy to arrange your plants and moss and makes it easier to decorate – you can create your own little world. Other terrariums are shaped like a jar, which makes it difficult to access and arrange.

Made for Moss and Plants

Sanctuary is made for moss, featuring a dome insert which the moss sits on top of. But if you prefer plants, then Sanctuary features a removable insert, so you can add soil and grow small plants.

Climate Control

Terrariums can get too warm and humid during warmer weather - which can lead to mould growth. We have made it easy for you to allow your moss and plants to receive fresh air with our ventilation system.

Just turn the lid to allow fresh air to flow through your terrarium.

Easy care

Sanctuary allows you to observe and preserve some of nature’s most ancient botanical offerings in a protected microclimate.

The perfect desktop companion, Sanctuary terrarium allows you to choose moss or a plants in the most convenient way. Your tiny world will stay hydrated longer under our patented teardrop lid. The teardrop form of the Sanctuary top directs condensation back onto the foliage, emulating nature’s water cycle.

Moss Bento

Every terrarium purchase on our website comes with a complimentary moss bento, with a few varieties of moss to get your terrarium started. We package our products in minimal plastic and use paper where we can.

The selection of moss varies depending on seasonal availability. Bento packaging may differ.

Product information

Recommended usage

Sanctuary S is a compact terrarium designed specifically for moss.


Height: 87mm Diameter: 90mm

What's in the box



Water mister

Botanica microfibre bag

Moss Set

Botanica Gold - water control flakes

1 x mini people figurine

What is moss?

Mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. Botanica terrariums are the best way to add nature to your home or office, our terrariums are the pefect home for moss.

Read more about moss

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