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Moss Care

Moss is tolerant to dry and damp conditions. But a little bit of love and care can keep it happy. Usually misting your moss once or twice a week should be enough. But it depends on many conditions such as temperature and humidity. So have a read below for more detail.

How much water is enough?

Condensation as a visual cue

Your terrarium should not have too much condensation on the glass. The amount of condensation on the glass should be similar as if you had breathed onto a pair of reading glasses. Ideally, only some patches of the terrarium’s top would have condensation. Your terrarium’s top should mostly be clear, so you can enjoy looking at the moss. If you have trouble seeing the moss because of the condensation, then there is too much water. Take off the top for a few hours to let the water evaporate before placing it back on.

Feeling the moss

If you pat the 山苔 moss gently, and it feels like a fully soaked dishwashing sponge, then it has too much water. It should feel slightly damp, but not soaking – it should feel like a dishwashing sponge that has water been squeezed out.


Moss is comfortable when you're comfortable. Our typical indoor temperatures are perfect for them. Usually in nature, moss goes through extreme temperature variations, from freezing to scorching hot. But you should keep your moss happy by keeping it in a room that is around 15-27°c. It’s ok if it gets colder or hotter for short periods of time.

Fresh air

Fresh air is important for moss, every 2-3 days, take the top off the terrarium for a few seconds to let fresh air into the environment. This can help prevent mould (mould inside terrariums may look like white, thin spider webs).

More information on water

Did you know moss doesn’t absorb nutrients from the soil? Moss takes in its nutrients from the air and water. So it’s important that your moss is misted with the included spray bottle when they are dry.

Type of water to use

Using normal tap water is fine – usually it’s best to let the water sit for a few hours in a cup before filling up your spray bottle. This ensures that any dissolved chlorine has a chance to evaporate. Moss loves rain water, so if it’s convenient for you to collect rainwater, you can collect it and use it to spray your moss. Rain water has dissolved nitrogen which is beneficial for plants.

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