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The Botanica Story

Our Story

Botanica was started by Lesley Williams, from Adelaide in South Australia.

She wanted to share her love of nature with others, her idea to create an easy to manage terrarium occurred after finding typical terrariums jars were difficult to access to maintain the moss. She often grew moss by placing a glass cup over a shallow tray. This simple idea turned into what is now Botanica.

Moss is easy to grow, environmentally friendly, as it does not require pesticides, or fertilisers, and using Botanica terrariums, you rarely need to water moss as the water recycles itself inside the terrarium.

As Lesley explains, growing moss is something anyone can do, to reconnect back to nature, “It’s about going and collecting things from the garden and watching it grow and change. I love them because of their simplicity and because Ella my daughter is involved, too.”

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